• re: new desktops

    In general, the teachers who use Google Drive and external stuff will be fine. The teachers who use the U: drive will be fine for a while. The teacher who keep their files as actual files, on paper, in cabinets, will be fine. But there is a good amount of teachers who do not fit into any of those groups: they keep important stuff (work, pictures, email archives) on their Optiplexs hard drive.

    Besides them, here are a few to check on specifically…

    Ericka Herd and Christina Lovelace: both are out, both will need to come in to transfer data or will need us to set tower aside

    Jasmine Rigor: will have to decide whether to keep Venue/dock as main computer or new thing (same for other pilot people, but I think her decision is close, while the others, besides me, will easily choose the new desktop)

    ROTC teachers: they are not sure whether they will get new towers or not

    Jeff Ganote: uses U: drive, will need to move away from that pretty soon (at least, I’ve heard they won’t be around much longer) prob several others too

    I will add more names with more situations to this ticket when I get them